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Sports Injury Care

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Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can be classified as either acute or overuse. Many acute musculoskeletal injuries usually come on suddenly and are caused by a direct blow or collision. Or they are caused internally such as a ligament sprain or torn muscle. Overuse injuries come on gradually from repetitive strain. Sports and athletics come second nature to us. Many of our doctors are actively involved in body building, fitness challenges, and coaches of various sports.

Professional sports teams like the NFL, NBA, and Olympic teams all have Physical Therapists and other staff to treat athletes. These Athletes often seek consistent care to prolong their careers and optimize their musculoskeletal systems to remain in peak performance.

Whether you play professionally, in school, or just for fun, there are several injuries that can occur from sports activities. The sheer number of hours put into training by professional athletes is remarkable. For example, runners may complete over 200 miles per week and swimmers may spend four or five hours each day in the water.

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