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Accident or surgical scar revisions.

Scar revisions Phoenix, AZ

Scar Revisions

Every year, 200 million incisions are performed worldwide. Approximately 170,000 of those will need scar revision treatment. Scars are life-altering visible signs that remain after a wound has healed, often an unavoidable result of injury or surgery. Scars may be tight, limiting movement and facial expression. Or they may cover a large surface area, dramatically affecting appearance and self-esteem. We have performed scar revisions for numerous reasons, including burns from chemicals, wax, and hot liquids.

We began providing this service after a patient was hit by a fire truck, causing scarring on their face, back, and shoulder. At that moment, we knew that we needed to further help our patients through this difficult process. From there, we began our revolutionary approach to providing services on multiple levels.

Laser scar removal uses a focused beam of light to remove scarred layers of skin and stimulate natural collagen production through fibroblasts, reducing the visibility of scars by up to 80%. This can help patients put sometimes painful, traumatic events such as road rash, airbag burns and dog bites in the past by eliminating or reducing the physical daily reminder.

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