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Physical Medicine

The Basics To Physical Medicine

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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Our physical medicine department is all about treating people with muscle, bone, and nervous system conditions that affect physical and mental abilities. We are experts in preventing and minimizing disability and we provide care for car accident injuries that result in minor and several injuries.

There are thousands of car accidents per month in Arizona alone and that puts a lot of people at risk of serious injury. In the past, people injured in a motor vehicle accident opt for pain killers and physical therapy but today we believe there are better treatments that will allow you to recover without any prescribed drugs.

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Physical Medicine is more than just your spine

Musculoskeletal - Musculoskeletal (soft tissue injury) is our most commonly treated ailment, particularly after an car accident. Covering general aches, pains, tightness, and even muscle weakness.

Headaches - Physical Medicine Care has been very effective at treatment for headaches after an accident, especially those originating in the neck. We have found that those who complete treatment after a few weeks remain headache free in contrast to those patients who received pain medication alone.

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