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Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)

Beneficial & non-invasive procedure to relieve neck pain, back pain, & more

Manipulations Under Anesthesia Phoenix, AZ

Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Manipulations Under Anesthesia, also known as “MUA”, is a beneficial and non-invasive procedure to relieve pain associated with acute and chronic neck pain, back pain, joint pain, and migraines. It is performed on only those patients who have little to no response to any other treatment and meet all the requirements to be considered a candidate for the procedure. It is especially effective for people with conditions caused by long-term disabilities due to accidents or injuries that are not relieved through conservative treatment.

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How is it performed?

MUA is performed under conscious sedation with the consideration of the anesthesiologists. Patients are given anesthesia (conscious sedation) selected by the anesthesiologist that is most appropriate based on their personal medical history. Two properly trained and qualified physicians take the patient through specific and controlled passive stretching techniques. These stretches are intense and the range of motion is taken beyond the point of consciously tolerable pain.

Deep tissue pressure, traction, and muscle stripping are performed, followed by specific joint manipulations. This helps to increase the range of motion of the restricted joints, eliminate the deposited fibrosis within the joints, and stretch the shortened connective tissue within the joint to help restore normal motion. The patient is injected with anti-inflammatory medication, is awakened from anesthesia, and taken to a recovery and monitored.

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Manipulations Under Anesthesia Phoenix, AZ

Manipulations Under Anesthesia Phoenix, AZ

Who can benefit from MUA?

Before patients can be considered candidates, they need to receive a consultation with one of our Board Certified Physicians. Some spinal syndromes respond poorly to conservative, conventional care because they do not address the underlying cause. Whether it is a disc injury, old injury to the spine, or headaches, the chronic pain is caused by adhesions and scar tissue that have built up around the spinal joints and within the surrounding muscles.

Patient Evaluation and Screening

Patient selection is one of the most important aspects to ensure the MUA procedure will be a success. Not everyone is a candidate for this procedure. Candidates are selected for MUA after taking a thorough and adequate history, thorough examination, and appropriate diagnostic imaging and laboratory procedures necessary for an accurate diagnosis of the underlying condition.

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BRUCE RICHARDSON, DC - Patient Reviews

Dr. Bruce Richardson DC Manipulations Under Anesthesia

It's hard for me to think of only instance where Dr. Richardson has helped me to stand up straight, walk without pain or just sleep at night! Not only have you helped me with my Chiropractic care, but you also shared medical advice such as the consequences of yellow #5 food allergy being the swelling internally! Many times I have visited you in pain just walking from the parking lot to your table. But when I left I had a spring in my step! I hope everyone experiences the wellness I have received from your care.

-Mary Dr. Richardson Patient

During my treatment with Dr. Richardson I had reached a point where my progress stalled on an L5S1 issue. I was started to fear permanent nerve damage and drop foot due to the duration of the tissue. Dr. Richardson (Bruce) discussed with me getting a consultation on the status of my current L5S1 condition. MRI showed bulged and ruptured discs. It was decided that we needed more invasive treatment than could be achieved at the Chiropractor's office. The Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) seemed like the least invasive treatment with any probability of success. We went forward with the MUA and the results were very positive.

I went from great pain and much numbness to no pain and subsiding numbness right away. There was a little soreness after the three sessions later each day. This soreness was hard to quantify as due to the MUA since I had been in such pain for so long. The net result was that my life as I knew it before chronic pain and loss of normal mobility was given back to me. Dr. Richardson seemed to follow a very common sense approach toward my care. I consider him a compassionate, insightful, professional. I am now and have always been impressed with his approach to caring for patients/people.

-Marty Dr. Richardson Patient