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Auto injury care Phoenix, AZ

When Should I Seek Treatment?

Have you ever been in a car accident? Did you feel a sudden sense of urgency in your body, giving you the ability to quickly react to the dangers before you? Or, perhaps, you've walked away from an accident pain-free, only to wake in horrible pain the next day or so after the incident.

After an auto accident confusion, adrenaline, and the complexity of all that you need to get done can be very overwhelming. This can lead victims to not immediately feel the severity of their injuries sustained. Natural hormones are secreted throughout the body following a traumatic event. Similar reactions can occur from bungee jumping, bike stunts, or even an intense football game.

When adrenaline is released into the body blood vessels and air passages dilate, allowing the body to pass more blood to the muscles and increase oxygen levels in the lungs. This results in a boost of physical performance for short bursts of time. However, that boost can also mask the severity of injuries sustained in an auto accident. These pains can become more evident as the days and weeks go on. Leaving victims with a new set of questions about their injuries.

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What do I do next?

Who can help me with my injuries?

How do I make sure I have the right paperwork filled out?

Should I speak with my insurance or the other driver's insurance?

What if the other driver was uninsured?

It is important to seek medical attention even if you don't feel discomfort right away. Your car is replaceable, but you only get one body. Long term injuries to your body should be addressed immediately. Even better, is to find a team like Stamp Medical who is equipped to handle your physical ailments, and can refer you to the best personal injury attorneys to help you through the daunting legal ramifications of an auto accident. Ignoring injuries can lead to long-term, unnecessary issues associated with your injuries.

The sooner the problems are addressed, the quicker the pains can be taken care of. Waiting may seem acceptable if you are able to go back to work and do most of your daily tasks, but just remember that other things can compound the auto injuries. This can delay the effectiveness of your care if you did not get an initial examination soon after your accident.

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Auto injury care Phoenix, AZ

Auto injury care Phoenix, AZ

More than just Medical Doctors.

Our network of providers isn't just Medical Doctors, we refer out to physical therapists, specialists and more to help you from start to finish. We are highly experienced in auto injury accident cases and we can help. We also have many urgent care locations to see you for an initial visit. You may even qualify for our Zero Cost Out-Of-Pocket program. We work with 3rd party liens after an auto accident, which means you don't have to use your own insurance to come see us.

Don't forget about other services you may need following an accident: Trauma Counseling, Scar Revision, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Podiatry, Interventional Pain, & more!

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